Thursday, 10 September 2015

BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Eyeshadow & Baked Highlighter Palette - Swatches & Review! ♡

Hey Beauty Birds! 

A couple of weeks ago I made an order of the BH Cosmetics website for my birthday, and in that order I picked up one of these bad boys!

RRP $19.00 (Currently 42% off so it's down to $11.00)

The palette is made out of very thick cardboard so don't worry about it breaking easily!

Now let's get onto those colours! :D

Not too fussed on the highlight shadow. That bronze colour in the middle is TD4 and is extremely pigmented! As for the semi-matte brown on the end, meh.

These three colours were the least pigmented of them all. Not too impressed with these three shadows at all! It took multiple swipes to get this much pigmentation - and it ain't even that good!

LOL my hand is SO red at this point.. but take a look at these babies!! Those two gold shadows at the bottom of the palette are TO DIE FOR!! One swipe and check out that pigmentation!! These two shadows are going to be PERFECT for Summer which is just around the corner for any fellow Aussies :)

I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this palette, even if it's just for those two gorgeous gold shadows! - Even better to grab your hands on it now since it's over 40% off! It's only $11.00! It's gonna cost a lot more to find two gold shades as nice as the two in this palette! 

You can purchase a Missy Lynn Palette here: Missy Lynn Palette 

Thanks Loves, talk soon xxx 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick Review: 'Bimbo' and 'Valley Doll' (Bright Pinks)

Hey Beauty Birds!

Recently I headed down to my local target in search of a matte lipstick. I had recently watched Shannon Harris (shaaanxo on YouTube) talking about a matte lipstick she had picked up from the Chi Chi cosmetics line.

I had always seen Chi Chi in my local department store, but didn't think much of it. I had always remembered seeing it in discount makeup stores, often looking a bit tacky.

Shannon convinced me to try out a Viva La Diva lipstick, as it had worked well for her!

I have recently become a lot more COURAGEOUS when it comes to lip colour, so I picked up two bright pinks! (These lipsticks retail at $18.95 in Australia...around $22.00 in NZ)

Here's the exterior packaging...I personally love it! Very chic...

The packaging reminds me of a nyx black label...just minus
the groovy packaging! I LOVE THE PRINT!!

'Bimbo' and 'Valley Doll'

'Valley Doll' 


(Top to bottom) 'Bimbo' and 'Valley Doll'

Ahh, both of these colours are so gorgeous! I love the way that these colours look and contrast with my darker skin tone! I definitely prefer 'Bimbo' to 'Valley Doll' .. The brighter the better, I say! ;)

Shaanxo mentioned in her video that these lipsticks smelt of a 'granny fragrance' or something along those lines. I can see where she's coming from, although it honestly doesn't bother me, and I'm quite sensitive to smelly things! 
If you think it could be a problem for you, then definitely head to your local Target or Gloss to take a whiff of these guys!

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

2 pairs of shoes that I LOVE!

Hey Beauty Birds!

I was going through my shoe collection this morning and I thought why not show you guys what my fave shoes of the moment are! Both of these shoes are SO inexpensive and still available in stores now!!

1st Pair: Red 'suede' flats with gold chain
OMG I have been wearing these every day! No joke...
They are from Kmart and I got them for $15 - what a bargain! I love buying shoes from Kmart...SO CHEAP & surprisingly good quality :)

I love suede.. even though it's fake suede hahaha :)

The gold chain had some HIDEOUS tassels attached, 
so I just cut them off. (They were very easy to remove) :)

2nd pair: 'suede' pumps from Rubi Shoes
I WISH MY FEET LOVED WEARING THESE SHOES....but they don't. It feels like my feet are walking over stone when I'm wearing these babes...and it makes me sad :(
I snagged these for $20 at Rubi Shoes....I was in there the other day and they're still hurry if you like them! 

Honestly, I don't wear them THAT often because they are so uncomfortable, but I wear them around the house constantly, hoping that my feet will love them eventually! (Don't think it's gonna happen) ... :(

Oh how much I love these :)
Did I mention that they're a size too small
for me? That would explain why they're painful.. lol

Sad face they're so painful to wear!

That's all guys...sorry this is a super short post! I was due to do something and thought it might be interesting for some of ya!

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mid Week Faves!

Hey Beauty Birds!

This week I have been digging through some older beauty products that I have been neglecting (Oops)!!

Here's what I've been LOVING:

1. Kim Kardashian EDP 100ml

This perfume has copped so much criticism..I only know of two people who like this scent! 'LIKE' not love... I LOVE THIS PERFUME! Omg..I think it smells so nice and every time I wear it, I feel sophisticated. I always get compliments when I wear this fragrance by people I don't even know!

I'm not going to try and describe the's an in depth description for anyone who may be wondering..

The only issue I've had with this is the lid to the bottle. - It was always pulling the sprayer off the bottle so I chucked it out! Not a problem anymore :) .. If you're one for lids, maybe skip this perfume!

See, no lid :P

2. Naked Palette (Original)

A product that all beauty fanatics need to own (along with the Naked 2 Palette). I had this palette hiding in my makeup collection so decided it was time to bring it out this week! I've been focusing on the colours 'Virgin', 'Buck', 'Naked' and 'Gun Metal'. This palette is so so amazing! You can use it for a super casual or super dramatic eye look! 'Buck' has become a eyebrow shade for some! :)

Neutrals, Neutrals Neutrals :)

3. False eyelashes from Hot Dollar!  (Equivalent to The Dollar Store)

I picked up about 7 packets of these false lashes after my shift at work one day! I work next to a Hot Dollar store, so I'm always finding nice things in there! (They sell a lot of nice house decor as well)

Anyway, I picked these up..THE GLUE IS RUBBISH. I swear it's not even glue.. I attempted to open the 'glue' and it's rock ridiculous! hahaha...but for that price what do you expect :)

They last for as long as normal lashes if you
use a good glue!! The glue I love to use is
'Duo Lash Adhesive'

4. Necklace from Ebay 

I paid 50c for this necklace and it had free shipping to Australia! It's pretty good quality for how cheap it was, and I wear it all the time! You can pair it with anything and it will look good! I love simple necklaces with a long chain, they just add a whole new element to a boring top, cardigan or blouse.

Here's a snap of the necklace :)

I love it! You can obviously tell by the photo that
it's a cheapie, but is super long and
makes something simple so beautiful :)

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx

Buying shoes from 'The'

Hi Beauty Birds!

Last night...yes that's right..last night! I bought a pair of shoes from The Iconic which is an online shoe, fashion and beauty store!

I ordered these shoes at 8pm last night and they arrived before 9am this morning! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! The Iconic is a relatively new site that prides themselves on fast delivery and customer satisfaction!

They only ship to Australia and New Zealand at the moment, so sorry to all of you lovely people who live elsewhere! I'm sure that they will ship internationally soon!

If you order something before 10pm on a working day, the product will arrive the next business day!! WHICH IS INSANE! (Be advised, this only applies to people living in the Sydney area) You can hop onto their website and check if your postcode is listed in the 'Sydney area' :) :)

If you're outside Sydney, you will need to place your order before 2pm on a business day to ensure it arrives the next business day :)

Thinking that this can't get better? YOU'RE WRONG!! If you live in the Sydney area, you can choose to pay an extra $5 and have your parcel in the next 3 hours! When you check out, it will give you the option if it's available for that particular item! How crazy is that???

This company is definitely attracting swarms of customers!!!!

Here's what I picked up:

Bonnie 2's by Lipstik $59.95
(Photo from The Iconic Website)

I think that they're super cute flats that are perfect for a party! (That's what I bought them for) :D 
Plus, I love the glitter detailing on the tip of both shoes. Rose gold glitter is my favourite type!

The box they arrived in:

The box was huge so I knew my shoes would be safe :)

Just so Y'all know, the shoes were packed better than
this, I just forgot to take a picture when I first looked
at them hehe :) So this is my fabulous shoe packing 

Here's what the shoes look like on ma feet :)

Close up of the rose gold glitter bow :)

And again!

If you're looking for a great online store to buy shoes then definitely give The Iconic AU a go! I will most certainly be buying from them again! I'm so pleased with the FAST delivery and great service.
I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't like it!

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

Hey Beauty Birds!

It is super important to deep clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to avoid nasty bacteria growing and spreading of acne! (Of course only if you have acne-prone skin)

Here is what you need to do!!

You need a baby shampoo! We use baby shampoo
because it is more gentle on the brushes! :)
I picked this one up from my local pharmacy, but you can find something
similar anywhere ;)

First you want to rinse your makeup brush just as you would your
hair before you shampoo it! 

Place a small amount of the shampoo on the palm of your hand.
If you don't want to make physical contact with it, I guess
you could put it on a flat surface. I just find that this
method works better ;)

Swirl the makeup brush on the palm of your hand, and the shampoo should start to
turn a yucky colour!! (Depending on what the brush is used for) .. This
brush is for bronzing, so it started to turn brown!

You then want to rinse your brush under cold water. Your sink
should look something like this!!

Excuse my shit nails haha..
But you then want to keep rinsing your brush until you
can squeeze it and the water runs clear :D

& Finally, let your brushes sit on a towel for them to dry
Be sure to let them lay down and not upright, because you don't
want the inside of the brush barrel to rust ;)

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nude by Nature: BB Cream Review

Hey Beauty Birds!

I recently picked up the new BB cream that Nude by Nature released! I was hesitant, knowing how much I love my Skin79 one! (

I tried it the next morning, wearing it as a 'base' under my Revlon Colorstay foundation.

I'm going to get straight to the point - I don't like it. It smells pleasant -- it feels like you're placing a nice herbal spa type product on your face. (Most NBN products give you this feeling)
It wasn't a pleasant feeling though. I'm not a big fan of products that 'tighten' your face and don't moisturise. Comparing it to the Skin79 BB Cream WHICH IS SUPER DUPER moisturising, the NBN BB Cream is Poo :(

If you're unable to order the Skin79 BB Cream, then give this one a go! I definitely prefer this one to other Drugstore BB Creams -- the Garnier one is awful!!

Here are some shots of the product below:

50 ml BB Cream

I didn't expect the product to be this dark, most NBN
foundations that are 'Dark' never look like this!

The product feels thick, although it's very lightweight? Ahaha

After blending the product into my skin.. 

Ingredient list! 

Pretty disappointed with this product but thought I would let you guys know in case you were thinking of buying it! 
Maybe you will like it! If you've used the Skin79 one, I doubt it though!! Once you use a good BB cream, there's no room for this drugstore bullshit!

When it comes to BB creams, Asia does it best!

If you are interested in purchasing the Nude by Nature BB cream, click here!

Thanks loves, talk soon xxx